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Monday, 27 January 2014

27 January 2014. You Can’t Say That Anymore! It’s SO NOT PC!

00 Louis Hirshman. Careless Matches Aid the Axis. 1942. USA

Careless Matches Aid the Axis

Louis Hirshman



World War II poster


This poster is SO NOT PC in three ways. Firstly, its Old School Racism. That’s clear. Secondly, “fag bag?” You sure couldn’t say that one today! Thirdly, if they talk about matches, it means that you’re SMOKING. Shudder! You sure couldn’t make this one today… you’d be put in the pillory and all the “right people” (of both political sides of the aisle) would throw all kinds of verbal tomatoes at you.

You’d think listening to the shit spouted by the Terrible Trio (Limbaugh, Palin, and O’Reilley) that everyone on the Left is a PC-spouting merchant of drivel and nonsense. That’s NOT the case. LIBERALS are PC-spouting nincompoops… LEFTISTS know better. I’ll be blunt… the members of the CPUSA (I’ve met one or two) are more like Joe Sixpack than Joe Stalin. Ya wanna call me a “commie?” Go right ahead! Then, I’ll thank you for praising me and my attitudes… it means that I’m NOT a greedster and warmonger. “Liberals” are nothing but Crapitalists Lite… “Conservatives” (Hard Righties) at least don’t coat their evil with a layer of saccharine bullshit that leaves a nasty taste in the mouths of all who hear it. They’re both wrong, and both push an evil agenda. I’ll oppose both, but at least the Right isn’t sanctimonious and mealy-mouthed about it. They wear their greed on their sleeve for all to see (unlike Liberals, who’re just as affluent and arrogant, but are “oh-so-caring”… give me a break).

Don’t judge the past by today’s standards; just as you don’t expect miracles in contemporary life, remember that our parents were human… cut ‘em some slack…



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Monday, 4 February 2013

4 February 2013. Our Great Russian Motherland… The Celebration of the Victory at Stalingrad

00oa Stalingrad Anniversary. 2013. 03.02.13


Fireworks at the site of the Родина-мать зовёт (Rodina Mat Zovyot: The Mother-Motherland Calls) monument on Mamayev Kurgan in the Hero City of Volgograd. Russia hasn’t forgotten the great victory of Stalingrad… from that point forward, the Red Army was on the counterattack. This was the highwater mark of the Fascist advance. The Red Army didn’t rest until it planted the Victory Banner on the Reichstag. The world is a better place because of the Great Victory… never forget that.


Saturday, 5 January 2013

5 January 2013. There’s a MAN Under the Helmet… Parade on Red Square on 7 November 2012

00 Parade on Red Square. Moscow. 07.11.12. 05.01.13


The above image from a parade on 7 November 2012 in Moscow to mark the 71st anniversary of the Parade for Red October in 1941… where the soldiers went from the parade straight to the fighting on the outskirts of the city.

Yet, never forget… soldiers aren’t automatons… they’re human beings with real lives and real emotions. As a friend of mine wrote:

I’ve seen it many times… men would be fighting for their life, but they held their fire so as not to hit a poor animal. Innocence, I suppose, kids and puppies.

If that doesn’t tell you that soldiers aren’t brutes, I don’t know what to tell you. Mark this well… soldiers are usually not warmongers… they know the cost of it all. They’ve buried one too many of their friends…


Ich hatte einen Kameraden…

I once had a comrade,
you won’t find a better one.
The drum was rolling for battle,
he was marching by my side
in the same pace and stride.

A bullet flew towards us
meant for you or for me?
It did tear him away,
he lies at my feet
like he was a part of me.

He wants to reach his hand to me,
while I’m just reloading my gun.
“Can’t give you my hand for now,
you rest in eternal life,
My good comrade!”


I had a comrade…

Я был товарищ…

Ich hatte einen Kameraden…

J’avais un camarade…


Zhuravli… the White Cranes… “Perhaps, it’s there for me?”

It seems to me that sometimes that soldiers
Who didn’t come home from blood-soaked battlefields,
Weren’t laid to rest in the earth,
But turned into white cranes…

That ever since that time long ago
They have been flying, calling,
Maybe that’s why we often, and sadly,
Fall silent, staring into the sky!

The tired flock flies and flies up in the sky,
It flies in the fog, as the day dies,
In this formation, there’s a space;
Maybe, it’s a place for me.

The day will come when I’ll also drift
With the flock of the cranes in the blue-grey haze,
Calling from the sky, in the bird’s language,
The names of you I’ve left on earth.

It seems to me sometimes that soldiers
Who didn’t come home from blood-soaked battlefields,
Weren’t laid to rest in the earth,
But turned into white cranes…


Yo tenía un camarada…

Minulla oli toveri…

Είχα ένα σύντροφο…

Tôi đã có một đồng chí…

No matter what tongue, no matter what uniform… it hurts…


Monday, 31 December 2012

31 December 2012. The Heart of a Soldier is NOT Hardened… Humanity Persists

00 Marine with Kitten. 31.12.12


The above image is of a US Marine combat photographer in the Pacific in 1943 in World War II… but it stands for all soldiers in all wars, in all climes, in all times. Humanity never leaves the soldier… their heart never completely closes… ask any vet.


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