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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

24 May 2011. A Point to Ponder… Your Tax Dollars at Work… See What They Buy…

Child labourers in Karachi PAKISTAN


Child labourer in Islamabad PAKISTAN


Guest workers in Dubai UAE… they call it “the city without a soul”…


12 Pakistani workers live in this one apartment…


THIS is the sort of world that the Republican Party wants… it wants to oppress working people in the Third World to line their pockets (just as they support repressive “Right to Work” laws in the USA). Where did the money from the Republican “tax cuts” go? It went to “outsourcing”. Instead of investing in this country, the fatcats put their money into compliant Third World kleptocracies. The local bully boys brutalised the local work force… until the people could take it no more and they revolted. That’s one of the major reasons why the recent disturbances in the Middle East took place. Can you see why America is hated and the target of terrorists? To end terrorism, we should end the GOP tax cuts to the rich, end our support of dictatorships, and end the outsourcing of American industry (through a reasonable tax policy that would tax domestic investment much less than income from foreign sources)… then, we wouldn’t be seen as oppressors and the supporters of dictators. Shall we do it? I’m NOT holding my breath, kids…

The Patriot Act won’t keep us secure if the USA uses force (either directly or through its proxies) in order to prop up repressive juntas throughout the Third World in order to line greedy businessmen’s pockets. It’s quite that simple…


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