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Monday, 13 June 2011

13 June 2011. Lest We Forget… THIS is the REALITY of the Nazi Extermination Programme… Any Questions?

The Victims of the Nazi Terror

Vasili Arkashyov



The Nazi concentration camp in Wöbbelin (a sub-camp of the Neuengamme complex) (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) was liberated by the US 82nd Airborne Infantry Division on 2 May 1945. THIS is what the soldiers saw. If you doubt the reality of this image, ask any WWII vet… they’re still amongst us.


One of the things that grounded Orthodox Christians have to face is that many of the konvertsy are rightwing extremist teabaggers and “Holocaust Deniers“. It’s not found much in established parishes, for the surviving WWII vets would shout down such ignorant filth, but it’s common enough in “convert parishes” in the Southern and Western USA (there’s no older folks to correct the idiots). For instance, “John” (a username) of Ad Oriente praised the sedevacantist Catholic bishop Williamson, a strident Holocaust Denier. Therefore, as I’ve found righteous Russian sources for high-res WWII/VOV images, I’m going to post them occasionally.


Oppose all revisionists of history with all your might… they’re spitting on the memory of the war dead, the victims, and the vets. Besides that, such people spit on the true history of the New Deal, trying to hide the fact that FDR supported the ordinary people against the corporate fatcats (like the original Wagner Act). Reflect well that virtually all of the supporters of the teabaggers also support revisionism (more out of dirt-dumb ignorance than anything else)… the Nazis DID allow the rich to prosper at the expense of the ordinary people, didn’t they? Birds of a feather DO flock together…


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