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Monday, 13 June 2011

13 June 2011. Your Tax Dollars at Work… Palestinian Boy Shot Down by Israeli Occupiers on the West Bank

One of the main recipients of American foreign aid is Israel. This money is used to subsidise the Israeli occupation of the West Bank… and it helps pay for the bullets that the Israelis fire at Palestinian protesters. What would you do if a bunch of guys stormed into your home and demanded that you hand it over to them? I’m a believer in fairness… I hate militant anti-Semitism and I hate militant Zionism… both are equally racist. No doubt, some boob is going to call me an anti-Semite… which is far from the truth. No one should kick Jews for being Jews… or kick Palestinians for wanting their homes back. It isn’t so easy in the real world, is it? All in all, we shouldn’t be shovelling out dinero to Israel… they’ve got plenty of their own. If we stopped funding Israel, it might encourage both sides to really talk… but I doubt that it’s going to happen… the Israel Lobby is that strong.

We shouldn’t be paying for THIS… I mean nothing more, but nothing less, either. Watch my words get twisted out of all recognition by interested parties… THAT riles me more than anything else does.


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