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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

14 June 2011. Lest We Forget… The Holocaust Deniers LIE!

Here are the bodies of prisoners found by American troops in April 1945 at the Dora-Mittelbau KZL complex in Nordhausen (Thuringia Free State). Of 60,000 inmates (mostly Russian, Polish, and French) imprisoned there, 20,000 were killed by the Nazis… they were used as slave labour to build A4/V2 rocket facilities. The SS guards (and their Kapo stooges) treated all prisoners with extreme cruelty, resulting in high levels of illness, injuries, and deaths. They dealt out severe beatings, which resulted in permanent disability and/or disfigurement, they deliberately starved the prisoners, and they inflicted physical and mental torture as they pleased, as well as summarily executing whom they pleased under the smallest pretext.


A German guard sics his dog onto a Soviet POW… Russians (and all other Slavs, Roma, and Jews) were only Untermenschtumen (subhumanity), after all, according to the dogma of the New World Order… just as the USA bombs Arabs, Serbs, and Afghans without compunction… we’re bringing them Democracy, dontcha know! Oh, yes… the GOP calls its vision of earthly hell “The New World Order”… the exact same title that the Nazis used… ponder that.


Memorial service in Buchenwald KZL (Ettersberg, near Weimar (Thuringia Free State)) on the 60th anniversary of its liberation…

Here is an audio link to Edward R Murrow‘s famous broadcast on the liberation of the camp:



Orthodox Christians have a special obligation as regards vigilance against revisionists, as two groups amongst us are virulent Holocaust Deniers. The first group are the rightwing konvertsy Teabaggers… although one must say that they tend towards revisionism out of dirt-dumb ignorance and poor education (many of them are six-day creationists… sheesh!). The Vlasovtsy are more dangerous… that is, I’m speaking of the Nazi collaborators from the VOV and their descendants. I heard one say, “My father wouldn’t allow anyone to criticise Hitler in his presence”. Their influence was strongest on the ROCOR in the crook times of the Ustinovshchyna, but some First Families are still unrepentant Vlasovtsy to this day… don’t forget, Victor Potapov accused Patriarch Aleksei of being a KGB agent (he “flipped” once, shall he “flip” again?).

Let’s NOT forget that the Nazis considered that we Slavs were congenitally unfit for and unable to appreciate civilised life (sounds like the Western Chattering Classes of today, no?)… we forget that at our peril…


14 June 2011. Only in Russia, Kids… Here’s What the Fashionable Gal in Moscow is Wearing This Year…

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The inscription on this futbolke (tee-shirt) says it all:


Any questions?


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