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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

20 July 2011. It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over… Striking Greek Cabbies Block Parliament Entrance

Them Greeks ain’t givin’ up! The transnational Five Percenters think that they’ve got the Greeks over a barrel… they’d best think again. One of these days, the Greek coppers are going to throw up their hands, put down their clubs, and say, “Enough!” They’ll join the protesters just as the Egyptian John Law types did. What are the Ayn Rand fanatics to do then? Send in US troops to brutalise the Greeks? Ponder this… there’s no money for Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, and schools… but there’s BILLIONS (three current wars, and a fourth “in the oven”) for attacking weaker countries to impose the will of the Corporatist oligarchs. Think on that deeply… that’s the platform of the New GOP, kids… Ike warned us about the Military Industrial Complex… Boehner, McConnell, Ryan, Walker, Priebus, Palin, and Bachmann all embrace it. The New GOP isn’t about cutting costs… it’s about sending the sons of poor families to die in foreign parts for the enrichment of the Five Percenters. The next time that you pass a McMansion, think on that…



VOR Presents… The Longest Hot Dog in the World

Paraguayan cooks prepared the biggest hot dog in the world, with a length of 203.8 metres (668 feet 7.62 inches, to be exact).


The Guinness Book of World Records accepted this culinary record.


245 chefs laboured on the preparation of the super-hot dog.


The action took place in a suburb of Mariano Roque Alonso, which is 18 kilometres (11.2 miles) from Asunción, the Paraguayan capital.


The proposal to cook the giant hot dog was the idea of the organisers of the International Agricultural Exhibition held in the town.


The total weight of the bun and sausage, which the chefs cooked in a special gas stove, was 265 kilos (585 pounds), 120 kilos (265 pounds) for the sausage, and 145 kilos (320 pounds) for the bread bun.


After it was cooked, more than two thousand exhibition visitors were able to get a piece of the weenie free of charge.


The previous record was set in the Spanish city of Málaga, that frank-zilla was 150 metres (492 feet 2 inches) long.


18 July 2011

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