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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

RIA-Novosti Presents… Saving Tonna the Lioness in St Petersburg

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In the centre of the city, Petersburg residents found a parked van with a young lioness trapped inside. For at least two days, a chain secured the animal to the rear seat, and it had to endure the heat in the closed vehicle.


Tonna the Lioness belonged to a travelling circus troupe from Penza. The owner explained that their hotel didn’t allow animals on the premises, so, he kept her in the van.


When the cops showed up, the owners weren’t able to show any ownership documents.


A veterinarian from the Leningrad Zoo Park, along with animal rights activists, examined the lioness, and they noted that she had rickets. Furthermore, obviously, the lioness wasn’t being fed properly.


Animal rights activists intend to take this matter up with the Prokuratura. On Saturday, 23 July, the lioness was temporarily placed at the Mariinsky hospital.


On Sunday, 24 July, Tonna was taken to an animal shelter on Bolshoi Smolensk Prospekt in Nevsky Raion of Saint Petersburg. She’ll stay there for a month… if her owners can’t provide ownership documents before that date.


25 July 2011



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