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Thursday, 28 July 2011

28 July 2011. Politics Through a Cartoonist’s Eyes…

Republicans refuse to countenance raising taxes on the most lightly-taxed affluent class in the developed world. Last year, the Five Percenters raised their incomes 29 percent… workers only got a 2 percent raise… if they kept their jobs, that is. That is, the Five Percenters REFUSE to “eat their peas”… they demand that you do, though… to cover their feckless imprudence. They want to gut Social Security and Medicare… and spend the resulting saving on bombing poorer countries. Is that what you want?


What’ll happen to the rightwing commentariat after Rupert Murdoch goes down? He’s not the basis of the rightwing media … but he’s a major figure in it. No doubt, his fall will confuse and stun rightwingers through the next election. God willing, this will help to defeat the New GOP/Tea Party the next time around…


The Tea Party isn’t Christian… it isn’t Conservative… it’s Radical… it’s Sectarian. Indeed, they’re samobogtsy (“self-gods”)… think on it.


The New GOP/Tea Party has a “death wish”… but shall they drag the rest of us down with them?


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