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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

27 March 2012. Faith in a Penal Battalion, Revisited…





Just because these guys are prisoners in a penal battalion doesn’t mean that they’ve stopped being Orthodox Christians. That’s true of civil prisoners, too. I think that a priest should being the Mysteries to Michael Pasonick in prison. I also believe that the Church should bar him from all clerical offices and all responsible positions in the Church after his release. They’re not contradictory positions. Mr Pasonick’s a convicted felon… therefore, he shouldn’t be trusted with any responsible Church office, clerical or lay. Mr Pasonick’s an Orthodox Christian, he should be welcome in the Church, and not be reminded of his past if he chooses to attend services. These views aren’t contradictory, either. It’s why I believe that Bobby K should go to prison for his proven “creative use” of Church funds. He, too, should be forbidden any responsible Church office, either clerical or lay. The fact that the OCA Holy Synod was gutless enough not to press charges on this creepozoid is shameful to everybody (his son was arrested for a scam on the Island… the apple sure doesn’t fall far from the tree). Reflect well on the fact that Paffhausen protects Bobby, Pasonick, Iggy (“the records simply don’t exist”), and Peterson (he of the DUI arrest). Ray Velencia’s (“The Litigation King”) a known member of JP’s circle, too, fancy that…

These young men have a chance… prison will give them a chance to confront themselves. Pasonick, Bobby, Iggy,  Sir Ray, and Peterson are on the Hell-bound road because the First Family apparat protects them from the full consequence of their actions.


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