Voices From Russia, Too

Friday, 30 November 2012

30 November 2012. The Road Goes Ever Onward… Photography by Vadim Gippenreiter

00 Vadim Gippenreiter. Russian Roads. undated


Here’s a photo that gives one an idea of the vastness of Russia… another great image from the famous Soviet-era photographer Vadim Gippenreiter.


30 November 2012. Alya and Yuta… The Top Dogs in the MVD at the Centre

00a MVD Police Dogs. Moscow. 30.11.12


00b MVD Police Dogs. Moscow. 30.11.12

For good measure and good value for money (I aims to please), this gal is the top MVD K9 handler at the Centre.


In the top image, Alya (on the right) is four, she’s the daughter of Yuta (on the left), who’s eight. Alya specialises in searching for drugs, whilst her mother has a wider repertoire, she can also find and detain criminals. They’re the top dogs at their craft in Moscow.


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