Voices From Russia, Too

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

1 January 2013. From the Russian Web. Ice Hotel in Sweden… No Lie…

00 Ice Hotel. Sweden. 01.01.13


00 Ice Hotel. Sweden. 02  01.01.13


The top image is one of the rooms in an “ice hotel” in Jukkasjärvi in far northern Sweden (it’s just above the Arctic Circle). The Icehotel isn’t a goof… it’s a real hotel that one can book a room and stay the night. Obviously, it only operates from late November to early April every year, during the cold winter months. The temp is kept at -5 to -8 degrees (18 to 23 degrees Fahrenheit), and if the cold gets to you, the hotel has a shuttle to a conventional inn where the heat’s on. I might have a drink at the bar for a laugh, but trust me, let others have the “pleasure” of a night’s stay here… I’ll pass on it, if you please…


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