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Sunday, 20 January 2013

20 January 2013. It’s an Old School Russian Winter in… Grodno

00 Grodno. Belarus. winter. 20.01.13


Despite all the news of “global warming” (and it IS happening), the Russian space still has its old-school winter snows… as this snap from Grodno in Belarus proves. Do pack your snuggy, ushanka, long johns, wool socks, rubbbers, and valenki… you’re gonna need ‘em…


20 January 2013. They Celebrated the New Year in… London

00 New Years. London. England. UK. Big Ben. 20.01.13

Fireworks over the Elizabeth Tower (“Big Ben“) of the Palace of Westminster in London.


00 New Years. London. England. UK. London Eye. 20.01.13

Fireworks display illuminates the sky over the London Eye Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames in the London Borough of Lambeth.


This is actually the same fireworks display, as seen from both banks of the Thames.


20 January 2013. They Celebrated the New Year in… Madeira

00 New Years. Funchal. Madeira. Portugal. 20.01.13


Fireworks lit up the sky over Funchal Bay in the city of Funchal, on Madeira Island in the Madeira Archipelago (Autonomous Region of Madeira), which is an integral part of Portugal, in the North Atlantic Ocean, about 400 kilometres (250 miles, 216 nautical miles) north of Tenerife in the Canary Islands.


20 January 2013. They Celebrated the New Year in… Taipei

00 New Years. Taipei. China. Taipei 101. Taiwan. 20.01.13


Fireworks display on the tallest building in Taiwan, Taipei 101, during New Year celebrations.

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