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Sunday, 5 January 2014

5 January 2014. From the Russian Web… Snowmen Throughout the World

00 Sknowmen throughout the world. Kung-fu Panda. Manchuria PRC. 05.01.14

Kung-fu Panda



00 Sknowmen throughout the world. Laughing Buddha. Arosa SWITZERLAND. 05.01.14

Laughing Buddha

Arosa (Bezirk Plessur. Canton Grisons/Graubünden) SWITZERLAND


00 Sknowmen throughout the world. Snow Cat. Spain. 05.01.14

Snow Cat



00 Sknowmen throughout the world. Snow Dragon. Norway. 05.01.14

Snow Dragon



00 Sknowmen throughout the world. Tiger. USA. 05.01.14




00 Sknowmen throughout the world. Snow Dog. Parts Unknown. 05.01.14

Snow Dog

Parts Unknown (Central or Eastern Europe?)


00 Sknowmen throughout the world. Traffic cop. Russian Federation. 05.01.14

Snow Cop

The DPS is the Road Patrol Service of the GIBDD (Russian traffic cops under the MVD). They ticket speeders and most people consider them the most corrupt cops of the lot.

Russian Federation


00 Sknowmen throughout the world. 'Short Summer'. Russian Federation. 05.01.14

“(Such a) short summer!”

Russian Federation


As for the image labelled “parts unknown”… it does look VERY Eastern European, but it could be Poland or Slovakia as much as it could be Russia. Hey, once you put religion aside, the peoples of Eastern Europe have cultures that are very similar, moulded by the climate and the resources available to them (even the Jews from our parts are a lot like us… what else would you expect?). What’s the difference between pierogi, vareniki, pelmeni, and piroggen? Not much… some are bigger, some are smaller, but they’re all recognisable as filled dumplings. From the Rhine to the UralsPork is the fave meat, hands down; everybody stuffs cabbage (and scarfs ’em all down… give me seconds, please), there’s not a teetotaler amongst us, and all of us party hearty (and carry “stars” when we go about singing Christmas songs).

Yes, Virginia, Central and Eastern Europe DO differ from Western Europe


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