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Friday, 30 January 2015

30 January 2015. EVERYBODY Loves Them Firemen…

00 MChS man with cat. russia. 04.01.15


00 MChS man with dog. russia. 30.01.15


In Russia, the fire guys are a lot like their American cousins. After all, they face the same dangers and the same situations, without exception. Some years ago, I posted about a hero-fireman in Moscow who died in the course of his duties. He was a colonel, with no need of being out on the line. However, he went out with the bros, because that’s the sort of guy he was. He died because the floor collapsed from under him (Patriarch Kirill served Pannikhida for him). That’s why NOBODY dislikes firemen. They put their lives on the line every day and they hurt no one… indeed, their job is to save lives, not take them. If I had to choose between a lawyer, a politician, a salesman, a media pundit, or a fireman as the sort that society needs, I’d pick the fireman and shitcan the rest. I do daresay that I wouldn’t be alone…


30 January 2015. It’s Looking a Lot Like Winter, Everywhere You Go…

00 GUM skating rink. Red Square. Moscow. Russia. 04.01.15

Ice-skating rink near the GUM on Red Square in Moscow (Federal City of Moscow. Central Federal District) RF


00 winter storm in scotland. 0.12.14. 04.01.15

Winter storm surge in Scotland… whew… I’d not want to be in the middle of that!


00 St Basil Cathedral. Moscow. blizzard. 25.12.14. 04.01.15

St Basil Cathedral on Red Square in Moscow.


It’s winter, whether you’re in Russia or in Scotland or in the Northeastern USA. Frankly, we haven’t had an Old School Northeast Winter the last few years, Global Warming is no joke… we haven’t had a real sockdolager snowstorm here in the Capital District. Of course, it’s February soon, the last full month of the winter, but it’s often the most brutal, at least as far as temperatures go. We had a big snowstorm in late November 2014 here, but nothing big since. Shall we dodge the bullet? We’ll have to see…


30 January 2015. THIS is Why Sanctions Won’t Faze Russia

00 72 aniversary Stalingrad reenactment. 04.01.15


These people are re-enactors… in this case, they’re re-enacting events of the Battle of Stalingrad. All the Westerners are beating their chests and telling us how they’re going to bring Russia down with sanctions. I’d observe that the West has NEVER succeeded in putting down Russia, so, why do they think that they have it in the bag this time? In any case, what they’re threatening doesn’t even come up to 10 percent of what the Motherland survived in the VOV. Eat shit and die, Republican Party… you wouldn’t be able to take a fraction of what we Russians can take standing on our heads!



30 January 2015. WTF! It’s Got to be Russia!

00 guy in bear suit. Novosibirsk Resevoir. 04.01.15


No, kids… the guy in the bear suit isn’t dancing by the Novosibirsk Reservoir… he’s dancing ON the Novosibirsk Reservoir! it ain’t PhotoShop. It’s just an old-school Siberian winter in Russia! WTF! It HAS to be Russia… you can’t understand it with your mind, you can only accept it for what it is


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