Voices From Russia, Too

Sunday, 21 June 2015

21 June 2015. Our Great Russian Motherland: Cathedral of St Aleksandr Nevsky. Yalta (Republic of the Crimea. Crimean Federal District)

00 Yalta. Crimea. Russia. Cathedral of St ALeksandr Nevsky. 16.05.15


Crimea IS Russia… full stop. It was never “Ukrainian”… it isn’t “Ukrainian”… nor is it ever going to be “Ukrainian”. Let anyone who thinks otherwise come and expel us… and no one has the power to do so, INCLUDING the EXCEPTIONAL and INDISPENSABLE USA! If the USA was so INDISPENSABLE, where was it in 988? If it was so EXCEPTIONAL, why is it the Prison House of All the Nations and the leader in violent gun deaths by police?

I rest my case…


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