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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

15 November 2016. Our Great Russian Motherland: The Monastery of the Iveron Icon of the Birthgiver (Valdai Raion. Novogorod Oblast. Northwest Federal District)



This monastery is on Selvitsky Island on Lake Valdai, 10 kilometres from the town of Valdai, the district centre. Patriarch Nikon Minin founded this establishment in 1653. The above image is the Holy Gate with the Gate Church of St Philip. The Soviets closed it in the 1920s; the Church regained it in 1991… it’s now restored to its former glory.


Sunday, 8 May 2016

8 May 2016. Our Great Russian Motherland: Petropavlovsk Fortress (Zayachy Island. Federal City of St Petersburg. Northwestern Federal DIstrict)

00 petersburg 030516


The Petropavlovsk Fortress (Петропа́вская кре́пость: Petropavlovskaya Krepost) is the original citadel of St Petersburg, founded by Tsar Pyotr I Alekseyevich Veliki on 16/27 May 1703, and built to the designs of Domenico Trezzini from 1706-40. In the early 20th century, the tsarist government still used it as a prison. During the February Revolution, on 27 February/12 March, rebel troops stormed it and freed the prisoners, replacing them with arrested tsarist officials. During the opening of the October Revolution, on 25 October/7 November, the cruiser Avrora fired on the island, but only registered two hits. Nevertheless, the fort quickly surrendered to the Bolsheviks. in 1924, it became part of the State Museum of St Petersburg History. Most graves of Russian rulers from Pyotr I Alekseyevich Veliki to Aleksandr III Aleksandrovich (except for Pyotr II Alekseyevich and Ivan VI Antonovich) are in the Petropavlovsk Cathedral, within the fortress battlements. In 1998, the bodies of the family and entourage of Tsar St Nikolai II Aleksandrovich were laid to rest in one of the cathedral’s chapels.


Monday, 7 December 2015

7 December 2015. Our History… It’s ALL Ours or NONE of It Is Ours!

00 red army reenactors. moscow. russia. 05.04.15


The most popular portion of military parades in Sov times were the marchers wearing historical uniforms. These guys are wearing Red Army uniforms of the Civil War era. That’s still the most popular part of contemporary Russian military parades. Our history is of a seamless piece… it’s all ours… or NONE of it is ours. Ponder that…


Saturday, 7 November 2015

7 November 2015. A Study in Contemporary Russian Patriotism on This 98th Anniversary of the Great October Revolution

00 russia patriotism 051115


You either accept Russian history in its entirety, which INCLUDES Great October and the Soviet period that followed it, or you reject it in its entirety. What does that tell us about brazen mercenary traitors like Victor Potapov (he did sell-out for a house in the Maryland burbs and an official US Passport), who still glorifies the anti-patriotic arch-traitors Krasnov and Vlasov?

Where do YOU stand?


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