Voices From Russia, Too

Thursday, 21 July 2011

21 July 2011. The Poor Bloody Infantry… They Bleed the Most… and Benefit the Least…. from ANY War

The above image shows us two sets of victims. Of course, there are the civilians caught in the path of the army… like all civilians in all climes and all times, they do their best to avoid becoming statistics, and, all too often, they fail. That’s tragic. The infantrymen are caught in just as tragic a bind. All too often, they’re men who’ve joined up because of lack of opportunity in their home-towns or because they lost their situation on Civvie Street. Of all people, they’re amongst those who benefit the least from the foreign adventures of the USA. They take the risks… they absorb the bullets… they come home in zinc coffins… they get thrown on the rubbish-tip if they’re wounded badly enough. Their families are the ones who deal with an empty spot in the family, they’re the ones with “holes in their hearts”. In short, they get the shitty end of the stick, whilst the Five Percenters party on, oblivious to these men’s suffering, and to the suffering of their families. “Only little people get killed in the wars…”, that’s the America of today… and I think that I’m not the only person to be disgusted at that attitude (remember… the Five Percenters are the “productive” people, after all… they DESERVE their affluence).

If the Five Percenters want wars in foreign parts so badly… let them pay for them, and let them fight in them! Somehow, I think that they’d lose their enthusiasm for it right quickly, wouldn’t they?


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