Voices From Russia, Too

Thursday, 21 July 2011

21 July 2011. “The Reports of My Demise Were Somewhat Over-Exaggerated…” KPRF Rally in Moscow

At present, the KPRF is experiencing a resurgence amongst young people, especially in the provinces. Most Westerners never leave the two capitals, so, they’ve a skewed and fatally distorted view of Russia and Russians. When you add in the fact that they mostly talk to fatuous English-speaking zapadniki such as Andrei Zolotov, the Blunder, Chubais, and Kasparov, one can see why the Western press and Western observers get it all wrong. They should attend to people like Fr Vsevolod, who cooperates with the KPRF and speaks on al Jezeera, but they don’t, all because he looks like Boris Badanov and his accent in English sounds like Yakov Smirnov. Yes, Virginia, they’re that superficial and stupid… they love the Blunder because of his mellifluous Oxbridge English and photogenic gee-shucks good looks. The fact that he’s the most hated churchman in Russia matters not a whit to them…

They’re missing the fact that most Russians (and Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Kazakhs, and others) want the old Soviet Union back (without the repression)… if you read the Russian internet, you see tons of things like, “My homeland, the USSR“… we should attend to THAT, not the lies purveyed by the bum-kissing zapadniki


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