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Monday, 15 December 2014

15 December 2014. A Multimedia Presentation. A Tiny Church on a Tiny Island on Lake Vuoksa in Kareliya in Leningrad Oblast… It AIN’T PhotoShop!

00 Lake Vuoksa church 01. Russia. 15.12.14


00 Lake Vuoksa church 02. Russia. 15.12.14


00 Lake Vuoksa church 03. Russia. 15.12.14


Rafting on the Vuoksa River (which flows into and out of Lake Vuoksa)


00 Lake Vuoksa church 04. Russia. 15.12.14


00 Lake Vuoksa church 05. Russia. 15.12.14


The Nature of Lake Vuoksa by Tatyana Lyubitina… photos with a musical background


00 Lake Vuoksa church 06. Russia. 15.12.14


00 Lake Vuoksa church 07. Russia. 15.12.14


00 Lake Vuoksa church 08. Russia. 15.12.14


This is an actual little Orthodox chapel built on a tiny island on Lake Vuoksa. That’s in Priozersk Raion in Leningrad Oblast on the Kareliyan Isthmus. It’s on the Vuoksa River, which flows eventually into Lake Ladoga from its source in Lake Saimaa in Finland.

No sir, this AIN’T PhotoShop… this is the real deal. An architect built this little gem in the early 2000s… his name was Andrei, so, he dedicated it to Holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called (Андрей Первозванный: Andrei Pervozvanny). The lake is 108 square kilometres (42 square miles) in area, with 18 square kilometres (7 square miles) being taken up by Olesny Island (it’s roughly 5 kilometres (3 miles) long by 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) wide). This little bit is one of the smaller islets, which take up 15 square kilometres (6 square miles) of area. So, the lake has 75 square kilometres (29 square miles) of water and 33 square kilometres (13 square miles) of islands within it.


Monday, 18 August 2014

18 August 2014. WTF! It’s Got to be Russia!

00 izba in Russia. 16.08.14


The above is a real-life izba (Russian log house)… it’s not a museum exhibit. People actually live in it… and, let me tell ya, izbas are WARM n’ COSY in the wintertime… Russians do know a thing or two about cold. Why the colour? That’s simple… when snow covers the ground from November to March, it makes it easy to find home when it’s all white, the wind is biting despite wearing a quilted jacket and furs, and it’s -20 (-4 Fahrenheit) outside. People do things that they do for a reason, kids… WTF! It HAS to be Russia… you can’t understand it with your mind, you can only accept it for what it is


Sunday, 23 December 2012

23 December 2012. A Russian Image… Boris Busygin. October. 2012

00 Boris Busygin. October. 2012


Boris Busygin



Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Georgi Novoselsky. The Melody of Autumn’s Ambience. 2011

00 Georgi Novoselsky. The Melody of Autumn’s Ambience. 2011

The Melody of Autumn’s Ambience

Georgi Novoselsky


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