Voices From Russia, Too

Saturday, 9 July 2011

9 July 2011. A Russian POV. The Other Side of the Fence: Procession in Honour of Our Lady of Buduslav

Annually, a candle-lit procession is held by pilgrims in honour of the Catholic wonderworking icon of Our Lady of Buduslav. Buduslav is some 150 kilometres (@100 miles) north of Minsk, and this procession draws thousands of Catholic faithful from Byelorussia, Eastern Poland, and Lithuania. One of the distinguishing marks of the Christian is that they go on otpust, on pilgrimage. Note well that Sectarians not only don’t go on pilgrimage… they disparage it. This is proof positive that a Russian priest friend of mine is right, “The Sectarians are Satan‘s simulacrum of Christianity“… we should heed that. Those who wish to “learn” from Sectarians should be defrocked… but they won’t. Don’t argue with them… they won’t listen to Christ… why should they listen to us?


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