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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

6 August 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Novorossiya in Happier Times…

00 donetsk. orthodox 01. 08.06.14


00 donetsk. orthodox 02. 08.06.14


00 lugansk 01.  priest. 08.06.14


The above images are from earlier this year, before the Uniate fascist aggression began in Novorossiya. What I’m finding out is horrid in the extreme… the UGKTs is trying to take over the Ruthenian Catholic Church, claiming that it’s really “Ukrainian”… that’s on top of it supporting the murders of the junta forces without reservation. Not a single voice in the UGKTs cries out in protest… not a single voice in the UGKTs speaks up for humanity and decency. NOT ONE. Besides that, the Ruthenian Catholic (“Byzantine Catholic”) hierarchy in the USA is silent about the Galician repressions in Podkarpatskaya Rus, undercutting its own people in their homeland and helping the Galician dogs savage their Rusin compatriots!

It’s bad enough what the Uniate fascists are doing in Novorossiya… what they’re doing in Podkarpatskaya is even worse, as they’re putting the sword to fellow Uniates (but who happen not to be under the Nazi-loving pro-junta S Yu Shevchuk). It’s bad enough what’s happening in Novorossiya… what’s happening in Podkarpatskaya is even worse. Don’t take it out on the RCs down the street… they don’t know what the Roman Curia is up to, and they wouldn’t stand for it if they did. Most “Ukrainian Catholics” and “Ukrainian Orthodox” are only repeating the lies told them by their bishops and clergy. However, we shouldn’t have anything to do officially with these groups… their support for an anti-Christian theomachistic bloodbath against those who stand up against fascism is obscene, noxious, and against everything that’s decent and holy.

May Novorossiya be whole again… may Podkarpatskaya be whole again… may God curse the UGKTs for its blessing of aggression, repression, and falsehood. I cross myself and bow as I say this… I’m a Christian… I can only speak what’s in my heart and soul…


Saturday, 9 July 2011

9 July 2011. A Russian POV. The Other Side of the Fence: Procession in Honour of Our Lady of Buduslav

Annually, a candle-lit procession is held by pilgrims in honour of the Catholic wonderworking icon of Our Lady of Buduslav. Buduslav is some 150 kilometres (@100 miles) north of Minsk, and this procession draws thousands of Catholic faithful from Byelorussia, Eastern Poland, and Lithuania. One of the distinguishing marks of the Christian is that they go on otpust, on pilgrimage. Note well that Sectarians not only don’t go on pilgrimage… they disparage it. This is proof positive that a Russian priest friend of mine is right, “The Sectarians are Satan‘s simulacrum of Christianity“… we should heed that. Those who wish to “learn” from Sectarians should be defrocked… but they won’t. Don’t argue with them… they won’t listen to Christ… why should they listen to us?


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