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Monday, 13 July 2015

13 July 2015. Our Great Russian Motherland: Holy Trinity Serafimo-Diveyevsky Convent. Diveyevo (Diveyevo Raion. Nizhny Novgorod Oblast. Volga Federal District)

00 Diveyevo. Russia. Holy Trinity Serafimo-Diveevsky Convent. 110715


Founded in 1780, the claim to fame of Holy Trinity Serafimo-Diveyevsky Convent is that it had a connection with St Serafim Sarovsky. Closed in 1927, it reopened in 1988… well before the fall of the USSR.


Thursday, 14 July 2011

14 July 2011. VOR Presents… Kostomarov Holy Saviour Convent in Voronezh Oblast

The Kostomarov Holy Saviour Convent is located in three hours journey from Voronezh, set amongst chalky hills, in a picturesque natural setting.


The convent’s gates at the entrance.


A believer, on her way to visit the convent.


A nun, at services at the cave church of the convent.


Nuns ringing the convent bells.


The natural chalk pillars on the convent’s land are well-preserved.


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