Voices From Russia, Too

Friday, 17 June 2011

17 June 2011. A Russian POV… Greek Police Brutalise Demonstrators at the Behest of the IMF

The Revolution will not be televised; the Revolution will be live!

Gil Scott Heron


Here, we see a Greek policeman brutalising a demonstrator in Athens. Actually, this is a GOOD thing. Firstly, the cops are, in the main, workingmen themselves. They live in working-class neighbourhoods, amongst ordinary people. That is, they KNOW that if they’re TOO nasty, their neighbours could take matters into their own hands. Ergo, there’s only so much that the cops will do at the behest of the oligarchs. That limit, I believe, has been reached for many of them, and the rest won’t take much longer. When that happens… it’ll be CAIRO in Athens. That’ll discombobulate the rightwing bankers and their media lapdogs. Trust me, this is a GOOD sign… it means that a cleansing climax is near. What’ll happen after that? Damned if I know… my crystal ball is on the fritz… it WON’T be boring, that’s for certain…


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