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Thursday, 23 October 2014

23 October 2014. Our Great Russian Motherland… The Cruiser “Avrora” in Drydock in St Petersburg… Russia PRESERVES Its History… the USA Spits on Theirs

00 cruiser Avrora. St Petersburg RUSSIA. 23.10.14


This year, the historic cruiser Avrora went into drydock in St Petersburg for repairs. It was last drydocked in the ’80s. For a ship over a century old that’s still afloat, it’s in very good shape. It fired the opening shots of the October Revolution at the Winter Palace, and it was present throughout the 900 Days. Its guns were mounted in an armoured train during the VOV to help defend the city.


Sunday, 6 January 2013

6 January 2013. From the Russian Web. Frédéric le Mouillour. Phare de Kéréon, Bretagne. 2012

00 Frédéric le Mouillour. Phare de Kéréon. 2012


Phare de Kéréon is a lighthouse in Département Finistère of Région Bretagne, it stands on the Reef Men Tensel (“break-stones” in Breton) between Ouessant and Île-Molène by the Passage du Fromveur in the Mer d’Iroise.


6 January 2013. From the Russian Web. Frédéric le Mouillour. Phare de la Vieille, Bretagne. 2012

00 Frédéric Le Mouillour. Phare de la Vieille, France. 2012


Phare de la Vieille (The Old Lady Lighthouse) is a lighthouse in Département Finistère in Commune Plogoff, on the northwest coast of France in Région Bretagne. It lies on the rock known as Gorlebella (Breton for “farthest rock”), guiding mariners in the Raz de Sein, across from the companion lighthouse Tourelle de la Plate… also known as Phare Petite Vieille (The Little Old Woman Lighthouse).


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