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Saturday, 7 November 2015

7 November 2015. Glory to the REAL Heroes! The Patriot Fighters of Novorossiya… FOR Holy Rus… AGAINST Godless Neoliberal America!

00 glory to the heroes novorossiya 051115


This is a group of patriot fighters in the DNR last year. Russell Bentley (“Texas”… pronounced “TEH-khas” by Russians… the same as it is in Spanish!), an American volunteer, is standing on the extreme left. These men, not fictive Russian forces, held back the American-backed Uniate terrorist mob and defeated them in Debaltsevo earlier this year, all without the deployment of any Russian military units. Russia didn’t want to get involved (it wanted a “federal” solution in the Ukraine). However, the defeat of the junta militants by the patriot forces put paid to that. No one knows what’s going to happen after the collapse of the Ukrainian non-state. NO ONE. Shall it become the “Southwestern Federal District” of the Russian Federation? Shall there be a rump Ukraine (within the borders of the 1918 UNR)? Shall Poland, Hungary, and Romania seize disputed lands in the Far West? No one knows. However, one thing IS certain… the actions of the patriot forces not only ground the pro-American Uniate/schismo offensive to a halt, they showed that the American “hyperpower” is nothing but Anglo bullshit and windy boasting. It has NO reality whatsoever.

Glory to the REAL heroes!


Friday, 19 June 2015

19 June 2015. DNR’s First Postage Stamp… With Motorola and Givi

00 dnr. donetsk pr. motorola and givi. 13.05.15


“Motorola and Givi… Heroes of Novorossiya”. This is the first postage stamp issued by the DNR, it portrays two of the most charismatic combat leaders in the patriot army, who have the call-signs “Motorola” and “Givi”. They guys kick Galician Uniate hillbilly ass. Full stop. They’re two of the most loved leaders in the army.


Thursday, 21 July 2011

21 July 2011. Your Tax Dollars at Work… Here’s What Defeat Looks Like…

This is the shattered window of an American military vehicle after an IED went off near it. It’s a sad metaphor for the failed war in Afghanistan. It never was winnable, for it was nothing but a blind stab at a mostly non-existent enemy… al Qaeda and the Taliban were creatures of the American special services that turned feral in the ’90s. There was never a conspiracy… there never was a wide-ranging terrorist network. There WAS an internet will o’ the wisp that inspired individual nutters, but that’s not a “conspiracy” in anyone’s book. In general, I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, and, unless my guess is very wrong, you hold the same disdain towards them as I do. Real motives DO lie behind most uses of force. In the case of Iraq, its oilfields were just too big a temptation for GWB and his transnational buddies. In the case of Afghanistan, there’s supposedly mineral riches in its mountains. There… no need to talk of an al Qaeda/Taliban conspiracy, or bellicose talk about Islamocist terrorists (that there’s Muslim terrorists, that’s for certain, but they’re few, fragmented, and without focus). I feel sorriest for the poor bloody sods in the middle of all this… the soldiers, who’re just following their orders. The New GOP has BILLIONS for this war and for the perpetual stationing of troops in Iraq, besides rattling its sabre in Yemen and Libya. If this doesn’t tell that Ike was right about the Military-Industrial Complex, nothing will…


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