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Saturday, 27 September 2014

27 September 2014. WTF! It’s Got to be Russia!

00 Dugin with Old Believers. 27.09.14


This is A G Dugin, one of the chief ideologues of Eurasianism, in a remote settlement somewhere in the back of beyond of Russia. It looks like a bunch of Old Ritualists. Russia has its own ideology, it doesn’t need the West’s non-culture and hedonism. No thank you… we’re happy with our ways. The West REFUSES to see this… it hates us, in consequence (for if we were intelligent, we’d kiss their ass and tell them how brilliant and bright they are). People do things that they do for a reason, kids… we don’t hate the West and its people… simply put, their grasping ways and greedster ideology just don’t fit an Orthodox People (that’s why the konvertsy obsession with the Republican Party is so oxymoronic and obtuse)… that’s that. WTF! It HAS to be Russia… you can’t understand it with your mind, you can only accept it for what it is


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

3 January 2012. RIA-Novosti Presents: Novy Ierusalime Monastery

In 1656, Patriarch Nikon founded Novy Ierusalime Monastery as a patriarchal residence near Moscow (today, its part of Moscow Oblast). The stone wall with towers dates from 1690-94, and the Over-the-Gate Church from 1694-97.


The restored dome of the Underground Church of Ss Constantine and Yelena, Equals-to-the-Apostles.


A hall in the New Jerusalem historical, architectural and art museum. On the left is a gold-embroidered 18th century felon, the sleeveless overgarment in the ritual vestment of Orthodox Christian priests; on the right is a felon sewn from the skirt of Tsaritsa Yelizaveta Petrovna.


A museum hall containing 16th and 17th century icons.


00.001e Novy Ierusalime revised

A museum hall containing precious objects made of Meissen porcelain from Germany.


A modern replica of Patriarch Nikon’s table with a 17th century inkstand and an old Gospel.


A corner in a five-walled izba that was originally in the village of Vykhino, it once belonged to Kokorin, a prosperous peasant.


00.001h Novy Ierusalime revised

The “Red Corner”, a place for religious icons, in a genuine rural izba, one of the exhibits at the wooden architecture museum on the premises of the Novy Ierusalime Monastery.


At present, the churches of Novy Ierusalime Monastery are under reconstruction.


29 December 2011



Editor’s Note:

There’s a reason why there’s an izba museum on the grounds of Novy Ierusalime Monastery. Patriarch Nikon Minin was of peasant background, and he never forgot that fact. Indeed, it was the state, not the Church, that was violent in forcing the Nikonian reforms; this ham-fisted approach led to the rise of populist preachers such as Avvakum Petrov, which led to the growth of the so-called Staro-obraztsy (Old Ritualists, usually mistranslated as “Old Believers” in the West). You’ll note that one of the distinguishing marks of the semi-heretic konvertsy is their overblown affection for Old Ritualists (and Uniates, too). The Old Ritualists are outside of the Church of Christ… full stop. They left of their own accord. By now, most of them have degenerated into semi-Protestantism, even those who’ve retained externals of Orthodox ritual. There’s little to choose between a Khlyst, a Molokan, or a bezpopovtsy Old Ritualist (the popovtsy retained Orthodoxy’s essence more so than their priestless brethren have). So, beware the ignorant rantings of konvertsy on Old Ritualists (and Uniates)… it’s one of the signs  that the konvertsy are going to leave us… we’re not “loving” enough, you see. Crazy world, ain’t it?


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