Voices From Russia, Too

Friday, 15 July 2011

15 July 2011. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… Yemen is STILL Boiling Over…

As you can see from the above image taken from a Russian website, Yemen is far from placid. By the way, don’t listen to New GOP/Fox News propaganda that these people are “al Qaeda” terrorists. No… they’re patriots who want the American hegemonists out of their country. In any case, whenever you hear rightwing lies about al Qaeda, remember that the USA founded, funded, and armed them… and, then, supported their campaign against the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan after the Sovs left. I’ve heard that “payback’s a mutha”… but this is “payback” in spades.

Let’s go home and attend to our own many problems. In any case, there’s no more money left. George W Bush blew it all on two unwinnable wars. Remember, the old military maxim, “If you try to defend everything, you defend nothing”. If that’s so, it’s time to contract our commitments to our actual no-retreat lines (the Central Pacific (AUSNZ-GuamAleutians) and the GIUK Gap) and rebuild our economy after the ravages caused by thirty years of Neoliberal Laissez-faire rapine (as it’s easier to destroy than to build, that’s the work of at least two generations). Then, maybe, the world would see us for what we truly are…


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