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Thursday, 23 June 2016

23 June 201: Our Great Russian Motherland: Matua Island in the Kuriles

00 Matua Island in the Kuriles. Russia. 040616


Matua Island is a smallish island in the Kurile Islands north of Japan. It’s about 11 kilometres (6.8 miles) in length and about 6.5 kilometres (4 miles) in width, with an area of about 50 square kilometres (@20 square miles). It has an active volcano that disrupted air traffic in the Northern Pacific during its last eruption in 2009. Prior to the collapse of the USSR, the island had an airfield and a military base, but they went vacant in the 90s. Today, the Russian forces are returning to the island and reactivating the premises. The bear is back… and he ain’t inclined to hand what’s his to others…


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